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Good News!

They actually RESTORED our channel! This is a miracle! So, now we have two of them:

Just so you know, this is a heart project and neither me or Mia are rich. Feel free to support us here:

Keep your requests coming in and I will try to do them first:

If I don’t answer right away, I apologize. This is because I am swamped😔!

But don’t worry, both channels will get new videos, this website little-by-little is moving to our own server (with a dowload ability – YES, we are NOT keeping videos to ourselves) and new wonderful things are coming up:

  1. A Spiritual Community, where we could at least talk to each other and share what we learned on our path. My plan is also to post many audio files there.
  2. I am really NOT enjoying that so many beautiful comments and poetry on the YouTube are going to waste, just because they took us down! To fight this, I am half-way through in setting up a web magazine, which will be side-by-side with Spiritual Community. Eventually I am planning to do a print copy of it and this way we could all enjoy each others work and thoughts.

I started a donation fund for this new project, feel free to check it out!

Here is a full list of our projects (so far):

  1. Who am I?
  2. Adventure of the Silent Mind
  3. Christ is for Christ-Self
  4. I create with God

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