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All this work was NEVER in my plans and now I need your help.

Mia Peterson is kindly helping me by picking up some of the bills that will allow us to run this website with massive traffic and also host videos without YouTube (see list below):

1. Web hosting upgrade

2. Video server

3. Various software to organize this website

4. Security and malware protection service

5. Page speed acceleration service

6. Chat help service (so I can guide people quickly around the website) 

This is all covered by wonderful participants of GoFundMe. Money from this fund are going directly to Mia (Marianne) Paterson’s family. Here is what she wrote me:

Thank you all, you are a blessing! My goodness! I don’t know anything about this Go fund me, I have heard of if.,….I may have donated in past as well, but never on receiving end(!) Most and all of this will go towards Barry’s debt/s.. He was so focused on his work and helping others, but slow to take care of what needed to be done…

For those who don’t want to use GoFundMe, here is a P.O.Box address:

Marianne Peterson
Preserving Barry’s Legacy
9719 Candelaria Rd NE
Unit Number: 21963
Albuquerque, NM 87154

If you like the work that I’ve done on the YouTube channel and this website, you are welcome to leave me a tip. It is by all means not necessary! All tips will go to creating a spiritual community, where you will be able to talk to each other and discuss whatever is important to you. Love you all ❤️.

Volunteer help!

If you would like to participate in this project as a volunteer, please e-mail me:

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