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This video (including the one on her own channel) was taken down by Ronna for a certain purpose. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. If you have more questions, please contact her directly:

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Ronna Vezane – Archangel Michael, Book 3: Your Sacred Quest

Books by Ronna Vezane

We all have the ability to access our Soul Self or Higher Self and to draw on the wisdom of the Creator. We are all co-creators, either of fear, lack, and limitation; or of abundance, peace, and joy. Archangel Michaels’s messages are about hope and love: love of self, love of life, and how to enjoy the experience of being an empowered spiritual human being.

The messages in this book are positive and life-changing. They help us understand who we really are, and how to create our perfect reality on Earth.

Through Ronna, Archangel Michael explains why we are here on planet Earth, and how to gain our spiritual mastery while in the physical form.

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